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Also spelled Jewed, it is the use of Jew as a Verb. It means that you got screwed/fucked over in some way.
"You got Jewed!"
"Man, my dealer jewed me!"
by billith February 15, 2005
Refers to the removal of the FUPA by way of surgery. This surgery is popular with the middle aged ladies due to the fact it makes you 10x more attractive. No matter how much a Fupandectomy cost, its well worht the price
"Ms Moss, you need a Fupandectomy, yo' FUPA is just getting out of control."
"Ms Moss, you need to call my dad and make an appointment to have a Fupandectomy, your FUPA is distracting me from my schoolwork"
by billith February 15, 2005
Fatty Upper Couchie Area
also called:
Front Butt
"Eww Mrs Moss, get that big ass FUCA out of my face"
"Is that FUCA Cancerous?"
by billith February 15, 2005
Someone who is constantly being negitive about everything in life and their life's surroundings.
"J-Groove, why are you being such a fucking negitive nancy today?"
by billith February 16, 2005
Someone who drives too damn slow on the highway.
"Damn, you are such a slow nessy! You are only doing 75mph in a 70mph zone"
by billith February 15, 2005
A term i like to use for my Toyota 4runner Limited
"Would you fly ass hunnies like to take a ride in the 4rizzle"
by billith February 15, 2005
The G-Spot is no longer just a term you learn about on the Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue Johanson, its a location in central North Carolina. Though some call it just Greensboro, or The 'Boro, it is also called The G-Spot. The G-Spot can also be used as a name for Grimsley High School, which is a shitty high school that lots of rich white kids go to.
"I have to fly into the G-Spot tonight"

"Damn, did you see J-Trues 2005 Benz in the parking lot at the G-Spot? that is one lucky high school kid"
by billith February 15, 2005
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