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A term used for something that is so fucked up, that it is figurably able of giving you cancer.

Can be used as both an adverb and adjective.
Jake: Look at this gore I found the other day. It's fucking amazing.
Brad: That's some cancerous shit. Sometimes I don't know why I still am friends with you.
by Nick32x December 20, 2014
The way something is or an act, something very stupid.
That dude just ate his own skin.
Bro, that video is cancerous! Shut the hell up!
by BestDefinitionWriter May 31, 2016
Adjective (Etmy. Latin Cancerousouse "the state of cancer)

Of or pertainng to an object, place, or thing that is so cool, it's deadly.

See Spiff Nasty Chingy
Yo man, that shit's cancerous
by ThatthingyorshouldisayCHINGY December 09, 2003
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