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a great SUV made by toyota. They are long lasting and a hell of a good ride. A 4unner kicks a Jeep's ass becuase: A. they are safer. B. they have air conditioning C. A stock 4runner has more ground clearance than a stock Jeep.
And to all you wrangler owners, why do you raise you jeeps? wow lets get original and not raise our jeeps high in the air so we are above everyone else. everyone who gets a wranger has a lift on it. so what you want to make an unsafe car even more unsafe? yea that makes sence
Toyotas will last forever. I got my 4runner used and it had 107.000 miles on it. i thought, yea thats a good amount of miles, but if i take care of it, it will last forever. if you get a jeep, they are not good for like 150,000 miles tops. Maybe if your lucky, you will make it to 115,000.

the 4runner can make off roading easily, sometimes, you dont even need the 4x4. the 4runner can compete and is on the same level as the Xterra. Both kick ass trucks.

And why would u even buy a wranger. they can only go 200 miles on a tank of gas and get like 16 miles a gallon. my 4runner can go at least 270. Wranglers have no back seat and you can fit 2 people in the front and maybe 1 person in the back. then there is the issue of storage. where are you supposed to put anything in that car? there is no room. The 4runner can fit 4 people comfotably and there is still tons of room to put all ur stuff. and im sorry, but the roll down back window(in the 4Runner) is just the greatest thing ever imagined.

Oh wow look at me, im a jeep wrangler, i have my doors off and my top off. wow im so cool. Hey buddy, what are you going to do if it starts raining? your pretty screwed. If your in the 4runner, you can roll up the windows and rool up the sunroof and your fine.

the 4runner will always be above a wrangler. the Xterra is the only real competition for the 4runner, but it doesnt matter, cuz if you buy an Xterra, you have intelligence. IF you buy a wrangler, you are part of the croud and as dumb as everyone else.

The only advantage the 4Runner has over the Xterra is the roll down back window.

4runners rock the casbah
guy A: so dude you just got a Toyota 4runner?
guy B: yea I did, its nice isn't it?
guy A: yea it is. your 4runner and my Xterra are better than all those Jeeps that those rich, spoiled kids at st.Pauls drive.
guy B: yea i know. you go to their parking lot and all you see are jeeps, maybe the occasional civic or daddy's new BMW
by 4runner06 April 10, 2006
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