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Temporary blindness experienced shortly after ejaculation
She offered to blow me while I was driving her home, but I was worried about post ejaculatory blindness
by bigstraightfollowing August 01, 2008
A large man who frequently asks other men (usually hetrosexual) if they "fancy a bum".
Big gay following asked me if I fancied a bum the other day
by bigstraightfollowing May 30, 2008
Used to describe an unattractive face. Chum being a brand of dog food.
She's a nice girl but she has a face like a dented can of chum.
by bigstraightfollowing July 18, 2008
The act of fantasizing and perving simultaneously. Is usually carried out by teachers, old men, dads whose daughter's friends are hot, and managers
Dude, ron totally just stood there and stared at me! He was having a massive fantaperve!
by bigstraightfollowing August 01, 2008
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