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a chick that will take in the Ass, Mouth, and Snatch
that hoe is 3 hole certified
by bheron July 12, 2006
a large turd with corn in it, usually left in a public bathroom for the next unsuspecting person.
there was a yellow eyed brown trout swimming in the toilet
by bheron June 29, 2006
What white people call black people that cook well.
derived from Chef boy-R-D
a girl in my office cooked fish in the picnic area and was nick named "chef boy are you dark".
by bheron July 10, 2006
to punch someone in the ass with a raised knuckle, with great force
joe was leaning on the bar and got an avacado asshole punch
by bheron July 12, 2006
when your nut are on her (or His) chin
that bitch loves when i give her some chin potatoes.
by bheron July 12, 2006
Slang term for crack rocks
my boy joe was smoking some huge bobos
by bheron July 12, 2006

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