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in da nati we will split ur muthafuckin wig
by big al September 02, 2003
154 37
The city of Cincinnati
Don't trash the 'Nati!
by Shawn Brown May 03, 2003
115 33
beautiful,outgoing,sexy,wifey,amazing,unqiue and fun 2 be with
i want to be just like nati
by exrta kool August 23, 2008
57 43
Natural Light Beer
All I could afford was was a sixer of Nati.
by Shawn November 06, 2002
44 38
A term commonly used by people who are not from Cinncinati, but not uncommon for natives to use
"Welcome to the nati'. Now please remove them jewels please."
by Jared Rogers April 18, 2005
47 46
Swiss national football (soccer) team. Pronounced like Nazi but the only thing they have in common with Nazis is that they tend to lose a lot.
Swiss guys singing at 2006 World Cup: Schwyzer Nati... Schwyzer Nati...
Non-Swiss guys: WTF? Why are they praising the Nazis??
by tearex April 22, 2008
7 15
Natural Ice beer...the strongest beer that you can find in your local hometown Wal-Mart...responsible for many jackass stunts, most commonly steve-o's and Taco Bell runs...contains 5.9% alchohol by volume, as compared to Bud Light's 3.9. Anyone who drinks Natural Ice Light are officially labeled pussies. NATI's are the official beers of the PCH's. (Putnam County Hardasses)
Shit dude, I had like 4 Nati's and woke up with a walking case of the clap.
by Chris Haas September 21, 2005
32 46