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an onomatopoeia used to signify that the person saying it does not understand something that is being said.

It is the sound made when information flies past the person's brain or comprehension.

when used in texts, it is used in between asterisks like so: *shoom*
Also, often accompanied by a "crossed-arms" arm motion in front of chest
Paul: the glutton levels in the formulaic reaction are quite the conundrum!
Larry: *shoom*
by One Wanksta December 25, 2009
Means "noise" in Ukrainian - шум, Cyrillic
a: Hey, Did you hear that?
b: Nah, it's just a shoom from the traffic.
by dragoncool September 08, 2014
The feeling when you first realise the E you took is working. The word refers to the sudden surge of XTC starting to work, in analogy to e.g. a car shooming past. There was a legendary club in London durring "The Summer of Love" (1988) called Shoom, after the meaning described above
That E's starting to work, I can feel the shoom.
by simon.hold November 11, 2007
the process of using anything from two fingers to a piece of wood to finger a fully-clothed persons bum whislt simultainiously saying the word "shoom".
"i shoomed you good"
by Tamos May 19, 2008
similar to the shoop except wiping the face NOT the inside of mouth.NO ORAL PENETRATION HOKAY
"goddamit matt you fucking shoomed me with man paste dickwad"
by bernard February 02, 2005
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