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The greatest mind Canada has produced. A philosopher who puts profound wisdom into words any man can understand. A guiding light for the unwashed who will be greatly missed. Without Red Green the decline of western culture can only become worse.
Good by Red Green and thanks for all the wisdom dressed up as comedy .
by benthrer March 20, 2008
The Monday after the Super Bowl when your boss takes the day off.
I don't give a rats ass about stupid bowl sunday, but I do look forward to Super Bowl Monday.
by benthrer February 07, 2010
Something that a great many intelligent and creative people have problems with. The lack of this skill is a cause for alarm among the English majors. Mechanical memorisation that is beat into you in grade school that causes a life long dislike for the English language
If Spelling is the essence of great writing why don't we have a great proofreaders section at the library ?
by benthrer March 21, 2008
A holiday that is so crappy and stressful you would rather be working.
I always volunteer to work on a holidud. There is no one here, not much to do and I can relax.
by benthrer March 19, 2008
The belief that what ever damage I may do to others is OK because others have damaged me. I want what I want now and I don't care what I have to do to get it, or who I damage or destroy in the process. I feel no remorse, and regard conscience as a sign of weakness. I don't consider the future because I know I have none. When I die I will leave behind little copies of myself who will have to struggle with the thug lifestyle I've left behind. I will be morned by none and forgotten by all, because it was easier to be a thug than a husband and a father.
You can wrap thug life in all the bullshit you want, it's still the way of the loser. Wiggers can play thug life and go home to mommy and daddy when they get tired of it. Where will your kids go when the thug lifestyle gets tired of you?
by benthrer March 26, 2008
A valuable item that suddenly became totally worthless. Enron stock is the ultimate dead pig.
I heard this snap and knew my cpu was a dead pig. My company went bankrupt my pension is a dead pig. My cow has mad cow diseases it's a dead pig.
by benthrer March 21, 2008
A holiday that makes no sense to an outsider.
Why do you get drunk on St Patrick's' Day ? In Ireland we go to church. and spend the day with our families. I don't understand your holiduh.
by benthrer March 19, 2008

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