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Guittarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Coming into the band in his late teens after the death of Hillel Slovak (previous guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) he utilized great creativity into bringing the band to where it is today. He left in 1991 after "Blood Sugar Sex Magic" because he felt the band became overrated, lapsinginto adeep heroin adiction. It was until he rejoined the band and workedon Californication than he cam over his heroin addiction.

John Frusciante and Bradley Nowell are both great musicians who brought much to the 90's rock scene, but both suffered from Heroin. Unfortunately, Bradley Nowell died to Heroin but John Frusciante surpassed his addiction and evolvedmuch from his heroin experience. Quite possibly the greatest guitarist of all time.
John Frusciante released the Empyrean resently, an album which shows his spiritual maturity and his faith surpasses all the negativity he faced in life.
#john frusciante #red hot chili peppers #the empyrean #flea #fender jaguar
by BennyG93 August 04, 2009
A made up name; a misspelling of Barack Obama, the 43rd president of the United States. All definitions therefore of Barrack Obama other than this definition are irrelevant and incorrect.
Its Barack Obama, not Barrack Obama, shithead.
#barack #obama #president #hawaii #milton bradley
by BennyG93 December 30, 2009
Joe Flacco is the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. He's an OK quarterback, but he has to stop having sex with all these women. It's really ruining his image. If he keeps it up, he may lose his sponsorship with Dominos.

But, then again, you can't buy pussy at Dominos!

Voted thickest uni-brow by New York Times in 2009.
Joe Flacco has one of the NFL's most interesting lives, being born to a simple candlemaker in Delaware, and ending up being a crime lord for the Crips shortly after being drafted into the Baltimore Ravens.
#joe flacco #flacco #batimore ravens #baltimore #ravens #crips #delaware #nfl #quarterback
by BennyG93 January 28, 2010
An invention that revolutionized the preparation of fish, having an efficiency that quickly outpaced its primitive predecessor, the chink. However, like its predecessor it requires little labor to motivate and is socially awkward.
The Iron Chink was the tool that the Americans credited for winning the Olympics in gymnastics in the 1970s.
#chink #machine #socially awkward #gay #anime
by BennyG93 December 28, 2009
A TV program that aired on MTV2, and for a short period on Comedy Central. It is a show divided into short skits, similarly to Saturday Night live, except SNL lost it's sense of "funny" ever since 1998. Human Giant is a hilarious comedy show, but can be pretty provocative and at times too much shit for handle. NOT for 11 year olds. Any other age group is fine.
Human Giant aired on the Human Giant Marathon, spanning 24 hours, quite possibly the best 24 hours on television.

At the time of the Human Giant marathon, an 11 year old boy in China died of circumstances concerning sleep deprivation and dehydration because he watched the entire marathon from start to finish. Nevertheless, that kid was a pussy.
#human giant #mtv2 #mtv #comedy #skits #aziz ansari #paul scheer #rob huebel
by BennyG93 January 28, 2010
Mark Sanchez is the quarterback for the New York Jets. He was drafted in 2009 as their starting quarterback, with a 5 year deal of 5 million dollars, the most money anyone has ever made on the Jets roster in franchise history. He is an excellent quarterback, who was able to bring his team (who many took for granted would not enter the playoffs) all the way to the AFC championship, where his team was defeated by the Indianapolis Colts due to continuous slant procedures exercised by Peyton Manning. He is 1/4 Mexican. He is NOT Jewish.
The New York Jets gave the Chargers a "Dirty Sanchez" (Mark Sanchez) after their defeat in the divisional finals.
#mark sanchez #dirty sanchez #sanchez #jets #new york jets
by BennyG93 January 27, 2010
The South Park dub over of CNN; the South Park news station.
Ancorman: "This is CNN...N"

CNNN Anchorman: "... and scientists continue to fear that Hillary Clinton's ass will still get bigger."
#cnn #cnnn #south park #chink #grape soda
by BennyG93 December 30, 2009
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