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meaning christian
the x comes from latin and is the latin letter for christ, i.e. x-tian means christ-tian or christian
also xmas meaning christ-mas
by bennett April 30, 2004
extasy tablets
by bennett January 16, 2003
(v.) To lay pipe in extraordinary fashion.
To bang a slute like you mean it.
Jon called up a girl he hasn't seen in 2 months, and hulkfucked her, twice.
by Bennett October 24, 2004
(adj) 1. A feeling of nausea prior to taking off on a plane.

2. Throwing up after drinking a bottle of Night Train.

3. Describing any ailment
"That whore from St. Charles made me airsick."
by Bennett October 24, 2004
(v. tr. glegs, glegged, glegging)
To review the attributes of (esp. young) ladies
Let's go out and gleg birds
by Bennett July 02, 2003
A bi-atch that follows Snoop around trying to get sex or pot.
Damn, I don't think I've ever seen that many snoopy groupies in one place!
by Bennett July 18, 2004

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