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Common term for Washington DC's subway system, short for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.
Take Metro from Franconia-Springfield to Smithsonian, and then meet me by the Natural History Museum.
by Ben Schumin November 25, 2003
Department store, competitor to Wal-Mart. Upscale-ness indicated by alternate pronunciation with a French twist on it.
I went shopping at Target.
by Ben Schumin November 25, 2003
Letter sent to an individual or organization in professional "business-angry" style, expressing displeasure about actions taken, or lack thereof.
I sent a nastygram to my cell phone provider regarding why they've not adjusted my account, and they were pretty quick to fix it after that.
by Ben Schumin December 12, 2004
To make a fart sound by kind of kissing and blowing at once, usually done on the face. First appeared on an episode in the second season of The Cosby Show.
I zrbtt you! I zrbtt you!
by Ben Schumin November 27, 2003
Term to describe the epitome of homosexuality. Used on an episode of Roseanne.
He couldn't be any gayer even if his name was Gay Gayerson!
by Ben Schumin December 02, 2003
To change clothes, as in for physical activity. Most commonly used in physical education classes regarding putting on one's gym suit.
Students are expected to dress out for class and participate each day in class unless otherwise directed by their Instructor or by Doctor's note.
by Ben Schumin November 25, 2003
Short for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which operates subway and bus systems in the Washington DC area. Also called Metro. The initials are normally pronounced, particularly in regards to their Web site.
Look for a WMATA employee. They'll be able to help you.
by Ben Schumin November 25, 2003

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