Letter sent to an individual or organization in professional "business-angry" style, expressing displeasure about actions taken, or lack thereof.
I sent a nastygram to my cell phone provider regarding why they've not adjusted my account, and they were pretty quick to fix it after that.
by Ben Schumin December 12, 2004
An e-mail written in a tone that is confrontational. It is often petty and lacking in tact. A nasty gram can be venomous, incendiary, and/or hateful as well.
Jeff didn't have the balls to talk to me so instead he sent me a nasty gram.
by Wiseman July 13, 2006
A angry note thats to the point, but try's to mask just how angry they are. Normally left by your boss.
" my boss said she wansn't mad about taking the day off, but she did leave me a nastygram on my desk"
by Maggielivesindenver January 24, 2008
An angry letter, email, or note that expresses a person's distaste or disapproval for you.
After calling Cindy's house at 2am her parents sent my parents a nastygram.
by The Official Pussy Monster June 21, 2009
a message, note, text, or some form of written communication that harbors a malicious intent towards the receiver; usually stems from feelings of anger, betrayal, disgust, contempt, aggressiveness, or frustration; usually has a threat involved
My best friend ditched me last night because he met some girl. I sent him a nasty-gram this morning.
by Infectious.Night March 18, 2011
A note, often left anonymously, expressing displeasure of an action or perceived action of yours.
Someone who felt I parked too closely to him keyed my car and left a nastygram on the windshield.
by Eponym October 12, 2004
A legal document stating that you should stop doing something, written in legalese and with the threat of taking you to court. A cease & desist letter.
When they released the FooCat :CueCat barcode scanner decrypting software, DigitalConvergence sent them a nastygram. My neighbor's lawyer sent me a nastygram telling me that my son is playing his Satanic non-music too loud and drawing pentagrams using plant food on his lawn, and will sue me for $666,666.00 if he doesn't quit.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 03, 2006

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