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Occurs during a shouted conversation in a loud, crowded space. An embarrassing word or phrase is shouted when everyone else in the room suddenly goes quiet.

Originated in a classroom when a comment was made about a PlayStation game. This has now spread throughout the vernacular of school children in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Eoin (in a loud room): Do you remember the PS1?
Duncan: Yeah, it was great!
(Room suddenly becomes silent)
Eoin: Hercules was the best PS1 game ever!
Everyone else in room: What?! Hahahaha!
Duncan: Hercules moment! Waaaaaaay!
by beetlejuiceecis February 16, 2009
An exclaimation of extreme annoyance.

Must be said in a cheery tone, despite the feelings of malice which are often behind its use.

Has its origins in gambling circles, often used to describe feelings of hate towards another player who has laid a better card/hand.
David: Two of spades, ha!

Kenneth: Awww...... PENIS PENIS!
by beetlejuiceecis May 21, 2009
A duo of teens who just love to make "music".

Have performed only one gig, at a 50th birthday party.

They have collected a small but dedicated underground following on MySpace.

One of them looks like Sideshow Bob, the other like Harry Potter.
Dude, have you heard the Banana Brothers new EP?
by beetlejuiceecis February 20, 2009
A name to confuse newcomers.

If there is a new person at school, tell them your name is Pjjim (pronounce Jim). The first P and second J are silent.
David: Hi, what's jour name?
Eoin: Pjjim. The first P and second J are silent.
David: OK... Hi Jim!
Eoin: You didn't pronounce it right. I can tell!
by beetlejuiceecis February 18, 2009
A flacket is a combination of a fleece and a jacket. They are often found whilst dredging the bottom of Scottish lochs.
Eoin: Hey Keith where did you get your flacket?

Keith: From the bottom of Loch Ness!
by beetlejuiceecis May 21, 2009
A sandwich made up of leftovers from previous meals, and any other foodstuffs found lying about. There is no such thing as a typical manwich.

Manwiches can be found in all walks of life, but are particularly common on camping trips.
Ally: Fancy something to eat?
David: Yeah, sure. What we got?
Ally: Bread, bacon, jam, syrup, cereal. What do you fancy?
David: MANWICH!!!
by beetlejuiceecis February 16, 2009

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