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A human with many chins whos rude nature and selfishness make her wide and hated.
there is a hippo living in my house and i wish she would depart.
by beese June 15, 2006
naming word for a german and swiss origined person. often found drinking in bars.
there is a melligator in the bar, drinking all the booze!
by beese June 15, 2006
a fat man with much of the facial obesity, who works in the AV room and has a special helper who ensures that he is moist enough and doesn't dry out. he also wears braces and is sometimes spotted in asda. his attitude towards humans is not always positive.
we need to go and see the toad to get a camera.
im not giving the toad any of my bithday cake.
by beese June 15, 2006
The toughest Chair wieldin SOB to walk the earth.
The Chairman
by Beese April 07, 2003

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