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Having sex while extremely intoxicated
"Of course I don't know if she had an orgasm! ... I was driving in England mate!..."
by Baz February 15, 2004
fucking scaggy place to live. Full of bag heads and hood rats. smells aswell, but has the sickest skate scene around.
fuck you. im from macc
by baz June 21, 2004
macc slang, to mean its fucking lame or bad, or un-copeable.
man the rents are been real weak. id like to fuck them up
by Baz June 18, 2004
to drink from a homeless persons bottle of alcohol while walking home from the pub
"Don't worry Benny, I'll just bumchug a few off those guys that live under the bridge."
by Baz February 22, 2004
an idiot ... referring to brain size
you peanut
by baz January 08, 2004
A guys closest girl best friend. Who will never let you down and is always there for you. She is also beautiful,has the best personality and is the nicest girl you'll ever know.You will always love her very much and will know her forever. Just such an amazing person to know!
I love you Beautawife!!!

Man my Beautawife is amazing!!!
by BAZ May 14, 2012
kind of like the scatman except no scatting. a lot of dadding though so BE CAREFUL!
I'm a DadMan! Weeee bu bu bada bo
by baz January 20, 2005
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