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51 definitions by baz

To agree with a point 100% or also to emphasize your feeling on something
1) Hey baz can i borrow a smoke? Yea man u fully can
2) I fully want you to shut up and fuck off you worthless hood rat
by Baz June 18, 2004
A fat man.
That guy is a fat guy.
by Baz November 30, 2003
to drink from a homeless persons bottle of alcohol while walking home from the pub
"Don't worry Benny, I'll just bumchug a few off those guys that live under the bridge."
by Baz February 22, 2004
fucking scaggy place to live. Full of bag heads and hood rats. smells aswell, but has the sickest skate scene around.
fuck you. im from macc
by baz June 21, 2004
macc slang, to mean its fucking lame or bad, or un-copeable.
man the rents are been real weak. id like to fuck them up
by Baz June 18, 2004
walking in a fashion where your knee reaches your chest and then the leg extends out from there to hit the ground and so on. Like John cleese in the famous silly walks sketch.
look at 'im bruv! 'ees walking all plockity like!
by baz January 20, 2005
The contents of the kick tin after you have shaken the shit out of a kings cross scrunt munter.
Glad I wasn't the firey that had to clean up that trap full of moot soot.
by Baz July 18, 2004