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Stockholm Syndrome: What it is SAID you have, when you feel compasion for your captors, and the people who are making their lives miserable and are perhaps trying to kill them, don't like it.
"that man must have Stockholm Syndrome, he's standing in the way of the human rights protestor, that I want to beat with my truncheon"
by barticusthe5th December 01, 2009
Fun Ratio is the ratio of fun, to the unmentionable word "Death". The more fun it is, the more likely it is to kill you. A high Fun Ratio is the best, and the word Death should never be mentioned. A high Fun Ratio is best unless your idea of a white knuckle ride, is cutting the lawn with the ride on mower on a Sunday afternoon.
"Wow, that nearly killed him, the Fun Ratio must be high, I'm having a go next"

Note the words: "it nearly killed him", and NOT 'it could kill me'.
by barticusthe5th November 30, 2009
An Idiot. Some one who's 'Speshawl'.
Used as an opposite, Like calling a short person "Lofty".

"Watch this idiot try and tie his laces, he's so wickedsmart"
by Barticusthe5th November 22, 2009
Chataholic: A chat room addict. All they ever do is chat. If you cam them, you will see their rooom behind them in a total mess, because all they do is chat.
"It was gross, I cammed him and not only was he naked and 'it' was 'in his hand', the whole room behind him was a disgusting mess, I think this is his whole life, he's a Chataholic"
by Barticusthe5th December 01, 2009

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