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no tooth blow job
i got a gummer form a toothless hill billy.
by Brad Christie April 26, 2003
a gummer is a hummer(blowjob) that is given by someone that has no teeth/wears dentures(and removes them).
I met this cougar last night and she took me home. When we hopped in bed she removed her false teeth and gave me a gummer. It was 10x better than any old hummer could ever be!
by Paul J Parkinson July 05, 2005
The act of getting oral sex from a young vixen or if your a sick twisted individual, an old lady with no teeth.
I got gummers of that ditch pig in the waffle house parking lot.
by Limey Bastard August 23, 2003
to rub cocaine on your gums, which makes them numb. often used to test the quality of the coke. the number it makes your gum, the better shit it is
ya let me take a gummer to make sure this shits ill before i pay for it
by M feezy October 14, 2004
A female interested in hockey players; a hockey team slut. The name comes from the typically toothless gums of hockey players that the gummers so desperately crave.
Although Ovechkin may be the ugliest man alive, the gummers still go crazy for him.
by emw123 January 23, 2010
one who has no teeth. a prostitute or whore. real sketchy in apearance. a mess, or messy. slutty, possibly having std's or full bore AIDS.
friend: YOA NAG! look at this greasy bitch havin a dart.
me: yikes, quite the gummer


friend: wow this chick smells like fish.
other friend: must be some sort of bottom feeder.
me: ya man, shes gummi'n hard!
by THE BINGER January 12, 2012
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