13 definitions by bakerd812

a person who takes the long way about doing something extremely simple
"Where the fuck where you all day? All you had to get was milk!" "Well the dairy was sixty miles a way." "You're a terd!!!"
by bakerd812 April 09, 2004
to get your pants pulled down unexpectedly in front of others
Damn man, I heard you got shanked the other day. All the chicks are saying you got a small dick.
by bakerd812 April 09, 2004
a sweet fruit; a nice pink, tight pussy
I got plenty of cumquat last night at that party.
by bakerd812 November 23, 2004
a female, usually one that sucks dick
Amanda and all her friends are bucketheads, it'd be easy to pimp them.
by bakerd812 November 21, 2004
when one enters a public restroom to find all the urinals are being occupied
"What's going on in here? Is this some sort of pissing contest?"
by bakerd812 October 29, 2004
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