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A man's penis who has length but no width, like a pencil.
He's good looking but he has a pencil dick.
by bagitbabe May 15, 2008
An amazing guitar player who was in the band New Orleans Rhythm Conspiracy.
I love to hear George Sartin play guitar.
by Bagitbabe August 23, 2008
The opposite of warmth.
We need some coolth in this house.
by bagitbabe May 15, 2008
women who have sex with a guy because he has a giant penis, but with whom they would be embarrassed to be seen in public.
a sartinite enjoys a secret affair that is a little dangerous and very kinky
by bagitbabe May 03, 2008
Whining phrases from a guy who's been rejected for good reason.
All he said were fullerisms about her.
by bagitbabe May 03, 2008
Something is not put together well; not level; doesn't look right; something that has something wrong with when looked at.
I think that bicycle is wampejawed. Did you put it together without the instructions?
by bagitbabe August 18, 2008
The female version of The Little Rascals He-Man Woman Haters Club. Woman who are sick and tired of dealing with men and their insensitivity, refusal to perform oral sex while demanding fellatio, control freaks, men who have an intolerance for independent women, all descriptions of men that justify the She Woman Man Haters Club.
I love the Little Rascals He Man Woman Haters Club episode. I'll start the She Woman Man Haters Club. There are plenty of women out there who would join.
by Bagitbabe August 16, 2008

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