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1.n. A classic old school horror movie about a killer dressed as santa claus.
1. Lizloo and I are going to get some popcorn and watch silent night deadly night...then fuck.
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008
One of the greatest {middleweight} boxers of all-time. Went undefeated in his last 80 fights and unfortunately passed away in a car accident.
I wish I could see Carlos Monzon take on a guy like Kelly Pavlik.
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008
The greatest second baseman in Major League history.
Joe Morgan was good but he's no Roberto Alomar.
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008
Andre Waters was one of the hardest hitting {safeties} in NFL history. Known by some as a dirty player, he always gave it his all and he always laid out players with bone crushing hits. Played most of his career with the greatest franchise in history....the Philadelphia Eagles.
Ed Reed ain't got shit on Andre Waters.
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008
Just another term for kickin it, relaxin, chillin, or whatever.
Bob: Sup man, how u doin today?

Tim: Shit, just Blue Jayin it today potna.
by B Brian Blair March 30, 2008
1. Former quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles...who sucked.

2. The hardcore spankin' of a chicks ass
1. Yo, I don't know how Koy Detmer had a career in the NFL.

2. Look Yolanda, don't make me take you home and Koy Detmer that ass!
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008
1.v. To tag team your significant other in bed.
Yo man, we gonna bring Julie over and killerbeeher to death tonight.
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008
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