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1)The serpent-like bird-god of the Aztecs (has the head of a snake, body of a bird).

2)Character played by man in horror movie about..you guessed it..Quetzalcoatl. Man had stupid looking feather costume on, was obviously fake.
Don't piss off Quetzalcoatl, or he will put a curse on you.
by axolotl August 06, 2006
Someone who signs a petition on the internet to secede from their country, but is too lazy and disinterested to do anything further.
"Dude, check out this White House petition--Texas is chock full of slackcessionists!"
by Axolotl November 20, 2012
A small stone with magical powers; a fetish or amulet. Is often worn, especially by someone who wants magical powers at his/her disposal (i.e. someone with an axe to grind).
Don't use the ju-ju to grind your axe (a whetstone works better).
by axolotl August 06, 2006
patriarchy (PAY tree AHR kee)

1)a facade; a construct with no underlying foundation or validity.

2)an imaginary entity; a figment of someone's imagination.

3)any entity or idea created by the rewriting or revision of history.
1)"Old western movies used PATRIARCHIES to simulate actual storefronts, saloons, etc"

2) "I saw a PATRIARCHY last night, then I woke up and realized I had been dreaming"

3)"We did not win the war in Vietnam..the notion that we did so is a PATRIARCHY"
by axolotl April 03, 2007

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