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A term used by feminists, to blame men for all their problems.
Jane: "Why have we ran out of bread?"
Gill: "Because of the patriarchy."
by JizzySpunkbubbles August 25, 2013
The bogeyman that feminists blame for women's problems or under-achievements because their big-girl pants apparently don't fit.

However Seeing as women are free to pursue any career they want, own any property they wish, attend any college they desire, are owning businesses and running corporations, actively involved in political power, engineering and science, are protected from discrimination by law and are openly praised for all this to cloying degree... We are NOT living in one and have not been for some time.
It is rumored that every man secretly receives a patriarchy check in the mail each month. Feminist scholars are still trying to confirm this.
by shikaku August 26, 2014
The deity of the 21st century liberal woman; it doesn't exist but they acknowledge its influence.
"The patriarchy is the reason why I can't wear a miniskirt without being slut shamed"
by JizzySpunkbubbles March 09, 2014
A non-existent entity used as a scapegoat by women, when there is no other individual to blame other than themselves (as if they'll own up to that).
It's not my fault that I got rejected for this job because I'm underqualified, it's the patriarchy's.
by LogDecker March 12, 2014
A rhetorical device which props up feminist ideology by making it easy to impose a state of collective guilt upon half the human race, namely the male half. Upon closer examination, we find that 'patriarchy' as a concept is either A.) Coherent only when too narrowly defined to be broadly useful, or B.) INcoherent when it IS broadly enough defined to be broadly useful.

Feminist ideologues promote the idea of patriarchy nonetheless, because they are banking upon the average person's lack of analytical discrimination -- rather like slipping a 'mind rape drug' into the punchbowl of common discourse. You might wake up with a weird feeling, but you have no idea that you've been screwed.

When radical feminists talk about 'patriarchy', it is actually a code word for Male Power of ANY sort whatsoever. So long as any man on earth has anything that could even vaguely be described as power (up to and especially the power of self-control), they wll say that patriarchy still exists, and that feminism's work is not finished. They want feminism to have a job for a good long time....
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by fidelbogen August 24, 2004
Something that feminists have in their anus. Feminists see patriarchy everywhere when they have their heads shoved up their ass. Moment they pull their heads out, they notice patriarchy doesn't exist.
Patriarchy is a bogeyman created by feminists to blame men for all women's problems.
by princereborn July 12, 2015
n. A political and social system where money, property and status is passed along from father to son.

Many third-wave feminists will claim one cannot use the dictionary definition of the word but rather its actions. This includes but is not limited to: marketing through use of sexualized women's bodies, the "boy's club" mentality at workplaces, individual self esteem problems, creating a "rape culture," valuing merit and production over feelings and emotional labor, chivalry, complimenting a woman without her consent, raising boys to control their emotions, etc.

Ironically enough however, feminists will claim their movement cannot be judge by ITS actions, but rather by the dictionary definition.
B: So, A, you still looking for work?
A: Trying, but I can't get a job because of the patriarchy. They only hire men, its such sexist BS! How is it that in todays world men and women still aren't treated equally. Gender is a social construct!
B: You know the sanitation department is hiring. Its a city job so they can't discriminate against you and the pay is actually really good.
A: Ew. thats disgusting! They're called garbageMEN, not garbageWOMEN. I would never...
feminism sjw third wave feminism fainting couch feminism chivalry white knights emotional labor
by cb4mpnw January 20, 2016
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