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4 definitions by automuffin

1.to be such good friends with another dude that anything done together is described as brotastic

2. to be amazing, or excrete awesomeocity
that trip to the store was so brotastic.

that game was extremly brotastic
by automuffin August 31, 2010
a term used to hide that someone is talking about a girls rack while in a group of people, usually girls

big o' titties
Hey, dude. 12 o'clock. chick in the black tee. those are some tiggobitties.
by automuffin August 31, 2010
the act of being so awesome that you literally excrete awesomeness
Chuck Norris is awesomeocity personified.
by automuffin August 31, 2010
pronounced noober

a shortened version of the term uber noob

to be uberly noobish at something
Look at John. He lost in Halo to my dog. He is so nuber.

mark slipped and fell down in the mud. what a nuber.
by automuffin August 31, 2010