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A member of the working class in britain who usually wears "Nike TN" hats that are too small for thier head, cutting off circulation to thier brain. Often aggressive in packs, but when confronted in single cells tend to back down or beacome introverted. natural habitat includes street corners, town centers, ect. Can often be spotted looking like the hitler youth, usually wearing jogging bottoms tucked into socks, with boots/nike shox and skinheads. varients include "trendys" who are the more upper-class type of scally wearing FCUK tops. Dialect is only understandable if you are fimiliar with the language, kind of loosely stringed together sentances that miss out some words, see examples below.
got time = can i see your watch so i can steal it

ee arr yo = excuse me old chap

wick-id = smashing!

scran = process of obtaining/eating food substances

raas! = indubidly old bean!

by Austin November 09, 2003
70's - 80's slang for cowboy, cowboy "wanna' be", or urban cowboy (wouldn't know what to do w/ the bull if/when he ever got it by the horns!)
Them shitkickers probably never done broke more sweat than trying the Texas 2-step or line dancing down at the Broken Spoke. Give real cowboys a bad name!
by Austin December 26, 2004
an expression of carelessness or disbelief, indecicive...
you know what i dont care...WHATEVERZ...
by austin November 23, 2003
Cool, awesome, sweet, fantastic, juicy, delicious, cool as crap. See also ubercool.
"It's almost as goodawesome as, well...goodawesome!"
by Austin February 24, 2005
Of, or relating to the relationships of Cyrano De Bergerac.
My personal life has been so debergeristic latley... :(
by Austin October 06, 2003
1. The sound a caveman makes.

2. The sound I make when Masterbating
1. Joe's pet caveman always hits things and says "Oogah, oogah."

2. When Austin jacks off he sounds like a caveman...
by Austin June 11, 2005
something a man makes a women do while he does nothing
do the dishes bitch im watching my show
by austin March 20, 2005
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