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someone who slows you down either by their pure retardedness or by their unwillingness to cooperate.
Jason: Hey Joe! Quit being a sandbag and get your ass in the car before i come woop your ass!
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
a girl with a ginormous nose, usually detracting from any possibility of being hot in any way because her giant nose is so distracting.
Drunk: i just got that girls number man, shes super hot huh

Drunk's friend: yeah dude go make out with her right now

Bystanders: do you see that chump makin out with toucan sam, he could lose an eye
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
the way you sleep when you MUST sleep with another male, under some extraordinary circumstances that will allow nothing else, so nothin wierd happens while you are sleepin
Jason: hey jason you sleep on top of the quilt i will sleep under

Dale: Nahhh lets just sleep hole to hole so i wont get cold
by Auneeezy October 11, 2005
pretty self explanitory, someone who is good at rapping, especially freestyling.
approach a rhymesayer with that bugsey siegel sized ego, you gon get yourself snatched out of the sky
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
Someone in the party who is beyond a partier, who excels in the art of being totally wasted and out of control.
Jason: Damn look at that super joe, he's naked and passed out in the sprinkler again.
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
the sound often heard from an obese person as they become increasingly hungry, often can be heard reverberating in food courts or in line at the drive through, it comes from their physical and mental resemblance to a baluga whale
McDonald's: "Sir your order will be ready in 6 minutes, please pull ahead"

Fatass: "Mreeoooo, me hungy now!"
by Auneeezy October 11, 2005
to dunk the shit out of people, to be a cold ass baller who literally slaps people in the forehead while he is shootin and then sticks his nuts in their face when hes dunkin
baller: look out son im takin off on yall again

goon: damn that dude was yammin on me all game
by Auneeezy October 11, 2005
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