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That bird thing on the Fruit Loops cereal box that has like 10 different colors on his nose
"Oh man I am so Toucan Sam, I need a nose job!"
by onomono July 19, 2003
a girl with a ginormous nose, usually detracting from any possibility of being hot in any way because her giant nose is so distracting.
Drunk: i just got that girls number man, shes super hot huh

Drunk's friend: yeah dude go make out with her right now

Bystanders: do you see that chump makin out with toucan sam, he could lose an eye
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
Someone who requires only a small amount of alcohol to get drunk, i.e. Two Can Sam.
Dave had a couple of beers and starting puking, what a Toucan Sam.
by Jimmy the Knife April 07, 2008
When you strategically place your testicles on the eye sockets of another parties face and carefully drape your member down said parties nose.
Foo-Foo was so wasted last night that I Toucan Sammed him for hours. He was feeling real fruity after that.
by AnthTheManth September 20, 2013
A really rude, stuck up bitch with a nose the size of the planet. It sticks out so far that if you get even remotely close you WILL lose an eye. Her nose is so distracting that you forget she's a girl.
"omg! did you see that cameltoe that toucan sam had in p.e. today?!? She almost popped the volleyball with her nose, fucking scary."
by milkyway December 20, 2006
Anyone with a hugely enormous nose that should seriously be cut off before it knocks someone out. This only applies if the person's a bitch and deserves to be bitched back at.
person 1: OUCH! MY EYE!
What the fuck was that?
person 2: Ohh.. it's just Toucan Sam, Brenda Schwartz walking by. Are you ok?
by "Sally" November 05, 2006
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