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Verb: The act of Auto-filating one's self. (Giving yourself oral sex)
Chad Kroeger: "We'll I'm going to go to bed and Kroeger then have a nap."
by kyl_35 March 12, 2008
Being an expert at whoring
That prostitute is a total kroeger
by Shift Alt Delete January 10, 2009
n. Lead singer for the worst band ever formed. Many people who have heard the agony usually slice their penises off and hurl them towards Kroeger not for sympathy, but as a defense mechanism to get him focused on something else as you run off a cliff.

semen addict
Kroeger: photograph

Rest of world and portugal: tighten our nooses
by Kirt Shu August 20, 2007
A totally gross ass douchebag of a man. Such as Chad Kroeger lead singer of nickleback.

Characteristics include, Thinking you are THE SHIT!
That guy hitting on me was such a "Kroeger"
by JHYF August 18, 2009