9 definitions by audrey

a random half-hump dance move performed on other people at the most random of places
she pulled a makeda on me at the street corner!
by audrey October 18, 2004
most like dry sex. mix b/w humping and sex. just with your clothes on. best achieved when the male is in a foldable chair. hehe.

guy sits in chair, girl strattles guy. girl rubs her _____ aginst the guy's penis.the guy also does work in this process. while the girl is humping the guy is doing just the same. until their movements are in tune. and both get overly stimulated, hehe
anna-"me and jordan were scrumping the other nite and it was amazing!!"

audrey-"noway??!!! not fair!!...what am i saying? me and ben were doing that last nite too!!!!"
by audrey March 27, 2004

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