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Hipsterity is the quality that true hipsters possess. A hipster has been defined to be one who rejects societal norms and "mainstream ideas." One who exhibits hipsterity most often dresses in a simple yet distinct manner, with plaid shirts and wide-rimmed glasses.
If college weren't so mainstream, I'd major in hipsterity.
by atlpride November 21, 2011
a rapper who is his own inspiration
he, not jay z, is the only rapper to rewrite history without a pen
tupac and biggie died because they couldnt handle the up-and-comingness of him
his words are so tight they dont need a belt on em.
Daaang man, did you hear MC Keegs new single, "Fucked that bitch"? it's sickk
by atlpride December 02, 2010
The process of reproducing coolness. It is like mitosis, but with coolness.

However, it is meant as a response to a situation one deems worthy of more than a simple cool The "cool" is designed to be spread through others, and "cooliosis" shows that it is meant to be enjoyed by all.
Drug Dealer 1: Hey did we make any money?
Drug Dealer 2: Yeah, 2 grand
Drug Dealer 1: Cooliosis.
by atlpride May 29, 2012
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