The term used by and for unbelievably cool objects/people , so much so, that it boggles the mind! May be described/reffered to as "suffering from the cool syndrome"
WOW,your cooliosis!
by PinkyGalCork July 12, 2011
The process of reproducing coolness. It is like mitosis, but with coolness.

However, it is meant as a response to a situation one deems worthy of more than a simple cool The "cool" is designed to be spread through others, and "cooliosis" shows that it is meant to be enjoyed by all.
Drug Dealer 1: Hey did we make any money?
Drug Dealer 2: Yeah, 2 grand
Drug Dealer 1: Cooliosis.
by atlpride May 29, 2012
back-breakingly cool, gnarly or nifty
1. "I bought a talking cactus today" "Oh, cooliosis!"

2. "She is cooliosis"
by wordywordword April 04, 2011
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