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the superfluous addition of a suffix to a word, usually adding a suffix to make a word a certain part of speech even though that word is already that part of speech, e.g. adding '-ulate' to 'shit' to make 'shitulate,' which has the same denotation as 'shit.'
Beth's suffixification of the word "happy" to "happitudinousness" was a bit excessive.
by atemperman April 20, 2003
noun: the quality that appears the possessor as dignity but appears to others as foolishness. Originated in a 2000 Saturday Night Live skit in which Al Gore and George W. Bush are playing Scrabble, and Bush attempts to add the word "dignitude." Gore challenges him to use it in a sentence, and Bush replies, "George W. Bush is a man of great dignitude."
George W. Bush is a man of great dignitude.
by atemperman April 20, 2003
Oral sex, almost exclusively fellatio.
How was last night in bed with Suzie?

Even better than the real thing.
by atemperman January 25, 2004
noun: physical intimacy wherein one or more participants contact the genitals of other participant(s), without specification as to whether any sort of penetration occurs. Having wowi is distinict from a "hook up," in that the latter connotes casualness or occurrence outside of a relationship. From the initial letters of "with or without intercourse."
Marcus and I just had some of the best wowi I'd ever had.
by atemperman April 20, 2003
verb: to shoot a person with a handgun
If I ever become a personal-injury lawyer, then cap me in the head.
by atemperman April 20, 2003
v.t.; to appropriate unabashedly and often imperiously something not belong to oneself, usu. not of great value; to steal shamelessly
I put my coat on the back of that chair to reserve it, but Bob just came over and captained my seat!
by atemperman April 20, 2003
verb: to dress or affect oneself so as to accentuate one's homosexuality. Conjugates as a french verb, thus:
1st person singular: Je me gaie
2nd person singular: Tu te gaies
3rd person singular: Il/Elle/On se gaie
1st person plural: Nous nous gayons
2nd person plural: Vous vous gayez
3rd person plural: Ils/Elles se gaient
I'm going out to Heaven tonight, so I'd better <i> me gayer </i> right now.

Queer Bash starts in ten minutes! Gayons-nous!
by atemperman April 20, 2003
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