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11 definitions by asshead

Our lord that art in cheese.
Though I walk through the valley of crackers, I fear no evil for Cheesus Crust is with me.
by Asshead December 06, 2005
very helpful advice
It appears suicide is your only option
by Asshead February 17, 2003
someone who is a complete and utter moron
He is such a fuckmunch.
by Asshead February 17, 2003
when your fucking a girl in the ass and the lube starts to wear off
i was about to orgasm but then the ass lag started
by Asshead May 17, 2003
Smoke Marijuana (a term used by old ass narcs trying to be hip to the weed scene)
you children should be in cheifing the homework...not out with your friends cheifing the bleezy. School is cool.
by asshead September 26, 2003
goatse, tubgirl and the harlequin fetus
i linked him to the trinity
by Asshead April 25, 2003
when a bunch of men stick there dicks into a light socket and the one who is least injured becomes presadent, this is why women wernt allowed to vote until a little while ago
Tomorrow there will be an electric election to find the presedent of dicklickeristan.
by Asshead May 17, 2003