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A country that regards itself as the greatest in the world but only 10% of americans have passports. How would they know then?
Are you going to Europe on holiday or the USA? Where's Europe?
by ashteroid April 02, 2007
The country that was right about Iraq
France? Cowards. Ohh, err, hmmm. Yeah, got that wrong. They were right.
by ashteroid May 07, 2007
An insult for an ugly person whom you don't like, especially if they have beedy, untrustworthy eyes. Helpful if one is staring at you or your girlfriend, you are drunk and want a fight.
"Who the fuck are you looking at, Twat Eyes?"
by ashteroid November 08, 2006
Won in 1940/41 by the british air force when outnumbered by the germans five to one. Britain stood alone when western europe had fallen and beat the nazis.
An englishman should always be proud of the battle of britain. We stood alone.
by ashteroid April 12, 2007
American/Irish campaign that supported mass murder in Northern Ireland and the UK by funding the IRA between 1970 up until 9/11 when America got some back and didn't like it.
"Ouch, them terrorists hurt, better stop funding Irish ones like Noraid."
by ashteroid May 08, 2007
A Homosexual person. A very old euphemism dating from when to accuse someone of being homosexual was libelous. Deriving from actors and luvvies being sterotypically gay or effeminate.
Question:"Does he have a girlfriend?"
Answer:"No, I think he's 'In theatre'."
by ashteroid November 08, 2006
The complete breakdown of human civilisation.
war, the language of the inarticulate
by ashteroid May 07, 2007

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