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Gross From Up Close - Occurs when an lithesome female is spotted from a distance. When viewed at a closer proximity, it is clear that she is repulsive apart from an attractive figure (ie long legs, curvaceous body).
Viewed from afar, she was a beautiful creature. Upon closer inspection it was discovered that she was "gross from up close".
by arnab July 27, 2005
The act of nailing a cheerleader behind the gym bleachers. A solitary pompom is left behind as a reminder of the act (the keepsake pom).
Where's Jimmy? He's late for practice.
Well, he's out pompounding Susan.
by arnab December 08, 2008
Poo and Pee, or Pee and Poo. Definition is dynamically generated depending on which comes out first. Can be used while chatting and a bathroom break is needed.
Hold that thought for a moment. I need to PNP. BRB!
by arnab July 27, 2005
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