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i hella hard song by bone thugs n harmony
that cut thuggish ruggish bone is fiiilthy
by anthony April 29, 2004
Death Metal is a form of music evolved from thrash metal in the 1980s. The band Death popularized the name with the song "Death by Metal" (as well as their own name). The song by Possessed also gave the entire genre a debated name credibility which is still disputed to this day.

Death Metal is catergorized by its gutteral growling vocals, thickened guitar tones with sometimes heavy distortion properties, and blast beats which can range from a normal to very fast speed. The vocals and drumming are the pure tell-all of a death metal band, the gutteral bellows are began in the stomach yet shaped with the throat to raise and lower the pitch of the music in general, while the drumming is blast beat and dependant (mainly) upon the bass drums. Independant variables to be added to the mix are amounts of groove, morbidity, technicallity, and speed.

Death Metal itself has evolved slowly through the years, ranging from the olden days (Deicide, Death, and Morbid Angel) to the now modernized sounds of Death Metal, (Vital Remains, Cryptopsy, and Hate Eternal) and even now to the more "Brutal" scene of Death Metal (Deeds of Flesh, Severed Savior and Beheaded). Death Metal also has grown roots into the Grindcore scene and evolved many Death/Grind bands, evolved into Gore Metal, and numerous other forms of music.

Slayer is not a Death Metal band. They are a thrash metal band. Cannibal Corpse are not a Gore Metal band. They are a Death Metal band.
by Anthony September 29, 2003
someone who pulls some hoe shit like ditchin they friends for a girl; someone who is soft,that get punked all the time and don't do shit about it
1. Jim- "ay Jon, u bout to go to the club with us and pull some hoes yo girlfriend outta town u need to have some fun." Jon- "naw man i'ma play pillow talk with ma girl and talk to her all night."
2.Some body that gets ranked and doesn't do nething about it.Ex.-Tim- "man Don, u so dark that if somebody did a drive-by on u, the bullets would come back and ask for a flashlight." Don-(says nothing at all and contiunes to get ranked cause he a cake ass nigga)
by Anthony January 02, 2005
One of Dre's albums.
by Anthony April 16, 2004
hella fitted
"dat nigga dipped n sauce, his shit is clean"
by anthony September 03, 2003
basic term for ass...also could be used as term for nasty vagina.
1.ralph hit me in the stink hole.
2.i went down on erica's stink hole.

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "This is the name of my band! Please do not infringe on my copyright."
by anthony August 18, 2003
A slang term for Pit Bull; makes the dog sound more friendly and cute
I need to go feed a hungry pibble
by Anthony February 22, 2005

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