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French verb for Fuck

It has the same double meaning as in English:

- To have sex with someone
- To destroy something through vandalism
J'ai envie de niquer cette sale pute - I feel like fucking that dirty bitch

Ce connard a niqué ma bagnole - This motherfucker fucked my car
by antben January 01, 2012
Litterally "of his race"

Used as a complement to an insult to reinforce it
Putain de sa race - Bitch of her race
by antben January 03, 2012
Originally meaning workhorse

It's now used for a dumb and stubborn person with a touch of agressivity

It also derivated into the verb "bourriner" used specifically in first person shooting games to describe a player who shoots constantly and in any direction
C'est vraiment un gros bourrin - He is really a big morron
by antben January 03, 2012

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