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1.) The Spanish name for certain varieties of peppers (Capsicum annuum) having a smooth flavor, fleshy body, and large size with a square or rectangular form. Usually refered to as bell peppers in English

2.) More commonly, an incorrect spelling of the word 'moron' Used exclusively by true morons in all forms of print as well as the internet. This misspelling is a clear indication that the user is not just a moron but also an illiterate ignoramus incapable of intelligent intercourse with the rest of humanity.
1.) "It's not a habanero its a morron, you moron!"

2.) Refer to other definitions cited here as an example of how this misspelling is used by morons to expose their true nature to the world.
by skurdzh July 13, 2008
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"MORE-RON" someone who doesn't use their brains before doing something. Another term for an idiot.
Andy how could you forget to pay the phone. They're gonna cut us off now, you morron!
by Ravi Beeharry May 21, 2008

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