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A dependable performer; a steady, responsible worker who assumes a heavy workload.
Because the company wasn't making any new sales or delivering any of the existing ones to production, the COO and VP of Support decided to fire the older employees -- the workhorses -- in order to afford raises and bonuses for the younger ones.
by Turn the Worm May 23, 2010
An extremely hard-working and talented group member who carries a team in an academic setting.
You should work with Bob, he's an absolute workhorse
by urbancontributor March 11, 2009
n. (werk hors)
1.A person who does all of the work while every one else slacks off.

2.Any thing used allot for its intended purpose.
1. Joe was out all day making deliveries while everyone was screwing off. He sure is a real work horse.

2. No one likes driving the chevy truck, that makes our ford the work horse.
by MC cauley June 28, 2006
Extremely powerful well defined legs that extenuate athleticism and genetic prowess.
Tommy has some serious work horses, I bet he could squat an elephant seal.
by Schlake Schlooten June 05, 2013