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68 definitions by ant

Named after the assasinated Indian leader, this rather colourful expression refers to the stinging burning sensation one experiences in one's anus when shitting out a curry of the vindaloo or phal variety (i.e. v.hot)
Wow my arsehole is killing me!
Well that's Gandhi's revenge - you shouldn't have had that vindaloo last night.
by ant August 09, 2004
Another expression for smegma; the festering remnants of cum which collect under the foreskin, becoming thicker and smellier with a pungent taste, and taking on a yellowier tone.
The next time you scrape out a tub of 2 week old 'Philadelphia' which has been left uncovered, you'll understand the comparison.
What's that awful smell? she wailed.
It must be the cream cheese and crud on my bell end, he summised 'I haven't washed it for over a week'
by ant August 08, 2004
Cam'ron (Cameron Giles)
I'm still the man, word to Killa Cam
by Ant February 17, 2004
Term used to describe someone who is known for dropping an inordinate number of farts, usually to their to own delight.
Eh, you shit?
Yeah! (gleefully)
You slack-arsed bastard!
by ant August 09, 2004
The first part of a turd that will poke itself out for air, when yo' ass is fit to bust.
'When the turtle's head pops out, you're on borrowed time...'
by ant July 26, 2004
1. A person's rear/backside/bum/ass/arse
2. A homosexual/gay person (usually male)
1. Relax ya batty!
2. Your father is a batty
by Ant December 12, 2003
Balls, sack, testicles, scrotum
Grab da bozak bitch
by Ant February 17, 2004