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When a girl gets fucked too much that her vagina gets all wide so it looks nasty and loose.You can probably stick a tree in it.
"Look at that mudded out hoe over there tryin' to get some dick.I Hope he know her pussy nasty."
by Ant March 30, 2005
An aquarian animal with scales and fins.


ph-o-ti. phonetics darling!
He be sleepin' wit' da photi.
by Ant December 21, 2003
Derived from Homer Simpson, this word is used to express frustration, or when you realise you've just done something incredibly stupid.
Guy 1:Have you ever seen a BMW?
Guy 2:Hell yes!
Guy 1:Have you ever touched a BMW?
Guy 2:I think so, yeah.
Guy 1:Have you ever licked a BMW?
Guy 2:No, but I wish I could.
Guy 1: BMW stands for Black Mans Willy.
Guy 2: DOH!!!!!!!
by Ant February 02, 2005
Warm, sticky whiteish goo that shoots from the end of a males weener, often swalled by:
1. Women
2. Batty Boys
I cummed all over that slut's nipples!
by Ant December 12, 2003
Simple Plan need a simple plan to save themselves. All my friends are like "Oh my god! I live for Simple Plan and now that that's out i must be a to total punk!" Excuse me but if you want to hear real punk then listen to the sex pistols, ramones, rancid, frenzal rhomb, the meanies, placebo, manic street preachers and primus and YOU WILL FIND THE MEANING OF PUNK MUSIC!!!
by ant January 13, 2005
Usually used as a proper noun (someone's name) to show disdain, contempt. Also used in jest on acquaintances.
Hey Shagnasty! Get us a beer in, will you?
You shut yer fuckin' trap, Shagnasty!
by Ant August 08, 2003
slang term for cocaine
by Ant September 05, 2003

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