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slang term for cocaine
by Ant September 05, 2003
derived from the latin word for sexy , also means to be good in bed.
example : Woah , that guy is pretty damn valeo.
by Ant October 31, 2004
One who... cooks socks.
'I would like to cook your sock, may I switch round your letters hunnni?'
by Ant December 05, 2004
Those which is most sacred, cherished, and respected on the female body.
They often attract large crowds (see orgy) of male observers (see perverts) or male organs (see wangs). Also oftentimes licked or squeezed.

See also:
dirty pillows
Holy shit! Look at the jahoobies on that girl, Germ - That is A+ material!
by Ant November 11, 2003
A wad of folded toilet paper placed in between the arse cheeks at the height of the anus, in order to prevent 'seepage' and subsequent staining of one's underwear especially after heavy farting.
'Well children, I hope you all enjoyed your bean curry, now before we proceed to a dessert of prunes and apricot juice, would you please ensure that all chuffbumpkins are firmly in place'
by ant November 11, 2007
The wierdest catoon you've ever seen. Not surprising really, it was made in France. Includes people with noses coming out of thier foreheads, arses on the back of thier legs and the fattest dog ever. About a boy who has always dreamed about being in the famous endurance bike race, Tour De France. So his grandma trains him to become a bicycle racer. From then on, I have no idea what happens. Some guys whos shoulders are above thier heads kidnap him and throw him in a truck with two people who are either: A, zombies, B, Demented or C, Extremely tired. No matter how wierd, it's still beautifully animated.
Bellville Rendevous is one of the most beautiful yet most wierd pieces of animation you have ever seen.
by Ant April 23, 2005
A pimp of sheep. Usually found in Wales, or else is a Welsh talking... gentleman.
"Damn that sheep pimp, he feckin' gave me a ram!"
by Ant October 09, 2004

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