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Lil' Wayne and his crew.
Squad Up Nigga!!!!!!!!
by Ant February 17, 2004
A really, really, shitty phone.
Work you stupid motherfucking Mofone!
by Ant April 23, 2005
A really funny ringtone which has been downloaded in the UK 1 million times. Also avalible for wallpapers, games and loads of other stuff. Its the funniest yet the most annoying ringtone ever made. By the way, it isnt just for chavs!!!!! Everyone bloody has it!
A ding ding ding ding dong don da den dong dong dong a dong dong dong dong dong WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ant February 17, 2005
One word:McDonald's.
Man, McDonald's is like a laxative. I couldn't stop shittin after eating that Quarter Pounder.
by Ant February 18, 2004
A young, danish girl, preferably under the age of consent, however photographed in a compromising and risqé position.
I like masturbating over fjortisar!
by Ant May 16, 2003

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