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an adjective relating to something of impressive dimensions..
"that beat is whamp"

"boy is whamp, proper tonk though"
by andy x June 12, 2009
1. The most useless key on a computer keyboard.

2. The most useless fucktard at any given moment.
"err, i think i just told your girlfriend about you and that chick last week."

"nice one, you fuckin numlock".
by andy x September 16, 2009
to gain higher social status by virtue of either free admission or privileged admission to a party, gig or club. to be feel like a vip.
"you going to the bum gravy gig tonight"?

"nah, i ain't going unless i get a freebie. i need to be vipped up or it ain't happening"
by andy x June 30, 2009
a random "next man" who resides away from the central social or cultural area. a peripheral figure who knows not what is going down...
"so did he feel your beat"?

"nah, he's some edge man who dont know the shiznit"
by andy x June 12, 2009
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