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9 definitions by alvinsanity

A Jesushead's dinosaur since they actually think dinosaurs existed in Jesus' time despite mountains of evidence and fossil records to the contrary. These young earth creationists also think God created the universe 6000 years ago and put Man and Jesus Horses on the Earth to coexist
non-jesushead: Yo let's go hit up the Raptors game
jesushead: You mean the Toronto Jesus Horses?
non-jesushead: I hate you
by alvinsanity May 22, 2006
A rather large penis
hey baby, vaant to see my penis maximus?

i got the cleanest, meanest, penis maximus, ya never seen this stroke of genius
by alvinsanity June 07, 2006
Madras Saravana Bhavan aka MSB, a renowned Indian restaurant in Decatur, GA. Affectionately called Madison Square Barden or simply The Barden by its loyal patrons
y'all wanna hit up Madison Square Barden?
by alvinsanity May 05, 2006
A joke that is so bad that you are emotionally and physically offended as a human being. A rocky joke violates a person's right against cruel and unusual punishment. It can signified by forming a diamond with your hands above your head like what Jay-Z does, who is rocky joke himself.
Victim: Wow Jerry Stackhouse just scored 29 points off the bench.
Rocky: You mean Outback Stackhouse?
Victim: *sigh...rocky joke symbol*
by alvinsanity April 25, 2006
how fobs pronounce 'electricity'
fob: my electric city bill was through the roof last month yaar
by alvinsanity July 06, 2006
Pronounced "Forderón". Nickname given to the Toronto Raptors' prolific point guard duo of T.J. Ford and Jose Calderon. They shared the position from 2006-2008 until Ford was traded to Indiana in a six player trade in June 2008.

Other variations: Caldeford or T.Jose Caldeford
"But now the Raptors have an answer for all of that. Thanks to the prolific posters at Realgm.com, their two-headed, four-named duo of T.J. Ford and Jose Calderon has been shortened to Forderon for the sake of brevity and, truth be told, accuracy.

The big-name one names dominate the top of the NBA's point guard statistics, which ideally communicate both efficiency and generosity.

Chris Paul leads the NBA with an average of 10.6 assists a game. Kidd is second with 10.4, while Williams has 10 and Nash and Davis have 8.9 and 8.8, respectively.

But Forderon might be superior to all of them. Ford is sixth in assists with an average of 8.1 a game, while Calderon is tied for 14th with 6.6. No other point guard duo has two halves in the top 20 in the league."

-Michael Grange writing about Forderon in a Globe and Mail article
by alvinsanity July 28, 2008
It's just like touché (meaning "touched" in French) except it's ouche, without an accent and the faggy Frenchyness.
American: Canada freezes my balls
Canadian: At least we're not Mexico touchers
American: Ouche...ouche
by alvinsanity July 27, 2008