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A biological is one of your children to whom you contributed either a sperm or an egg. Used to distinguish from step children brought into your family from your partner's previous relationships.
I have five kids, but this new baby is just my second biological.
by allterrain September 15, 2009
When roommates allow the trash to stack up to dizzying (and often disgusting) heights until one eventually breaks down and takes it out.
Roommate 1: "Are you going to take that trash out?"
Roommate 2: "I can still win by wedging this Chinese takeout box against the wall."
Roommate 1: "Man, this trash can chicken has been going on too long."
by allterrain November 28, 2011
Explanation for unintended acceleration in Toyotas, coined by Ron Medford, Deputy Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
"What most likely happened was pedal misapplication." - Ron Medford, NHTSA

"Is that the brake or the gas pedal? I can't tell the difference!" - Toyota driver
by allterrain February 08, 2011
Phrase used in response to a random question which could have been easily answered by simply Googling it. Usually after a few quick taps on your phone.

A more polite form of JFGI, but with the same message.
him: I wonder what Zeitgeist means?
her: According to Google, Zeitgeist means "the spirit of the times". And here are the top ten topics searched for last year...
by allterrain October 06, 2013

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