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slang for having oral sex. used when making out, a guy/girl will say, "go down for me" instead of 'gimme head bitch'.
so did u go down on him?
by allkat April 01, 2004
a classy vodka in many flavors such as spice, vanilla, citrus and berry. sells by glamourous sexy ads.
mmmm...skyy blue.....
by allkat April 01, 2004
kiwanis educated youth. a high school international organization that practices community service. is afflied with kiwanis and circle k. many join so it will look good for colleges.

the average key clubber is kind, caring, azn, female, and at least sorta kinda maybe intelligent.
hey key clunhow do u feel?
i feel good oh i feel so good
i feel fine all of the time
a booga, a booga, a booga booga booga

"hey lisa0ann, lets go to the key club event next thursday and get more volunteer hours."
by allkat April 01, 2004
a young pop singer who is both idolized and hated by many. she is very pretty and uses her sex appeal and her body, so many think she is a slut. her vocals arent very strong and her music is poppy, so many believe she has no talent. she dances well, is a tabloid staple, and graces the cover of many magazines.
hit me baby one more time
by allkat April 01, 2004
short for american eagle, a chain clothing store. american eagle is often compared to abercrombie and fitch by selling more expensive clothes that are highly worn by preps everywhere. the clothes are cookie cutter and worn by everyone, very unoriginal. however, ae is more conservative and a little less price and less fashionable than abercrombie.
omg, american eagle is having a sale soon!
by allkat April 01, 2004

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