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sort of kind of...really a cover up in avoiding the true answer of yes
did you sleep with him?
sorta kinda...
by fynest July 29, 2004
An unsure response to something; neither one way nor the other.
{About a boy who Jane isnt sure about}
Sandy: Do you like Jim?
Jane: Sorta kinda.
by Miatta Gorvie June 28, 2004
Having a vague or difficult-to-determine meaning.
- "Are you and Jimmy going out, Karen?"
- "We're sorta kinda dating, but not going out. It's complicated."
by Rukasu_B June 27, 2004
a combination of sorta and kinda to mean "somewhat like" or "a little bit"
I'm sorta kinda crazy.
by The Paul June 28, 2004
'Sorta' is short for 'sort of'. 'Kinda' is short for 'kind of'. They essentially mean the same thing. The term 'sorta kinda' is no different.
Person A: "Was the movie any good?"
Person B: "Sorta kinda."
by Ryan Thompson June 26, 2004
"kinda sorta" backwards. It has the same meaning, but sounds worse.
-Having a Good Day?

-Meh... (kinda sorta/sorta kinda)
by Jonathan December 02, 2004
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