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a classy vodka in many flavors such as spice, vanilla, citrus and berry. sells by glamourous sexy ads.
mmmm...skyy blue.....
by allkat April 01, 2004
A young sweet smart sexy girl that guys have flirted and flirted with but she never gets the hints she is every guys dream but a girls worst night meare. she isn't skinny but she's just right she usually she is blonde haired and blue eyed
"I just got to have a date with Skyy."
by Pielover368 February 17, 2015
The most amazing girl alive. Often sounds like a southerner. Is always relatively skinny, but eats like an obese person. Loves sex but is usually to afraid actually go out and do it. But when they do go out, they are usually always very kinky, air headed, and slutty. Being with a Skyy is the most amazing experience ever.
Dude I met a total Skyy last night!
by The Geeniuuss January 16, 2012
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