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a fat (supersized) girl who will do pretty much anything for $3.99.
Check out that McWhore. Not too easy on the eyes but she's easy on the bone.
by badazz March 03, 2004
Mc is derived from the American fast food place McDonald's. Whore is derived from old english. Mc specifies that it is a food. A whore is a woman/man who engages in sexual acts for money. So a mcwhore is a whore on a bun with toppings served to you easily.
I'd like to order two Mcwhores please.

Davin your such a wanna be Mcwhore!

by Muscle Man April 23, 2009
a McDonalds fast food whore
Seriously? Do you have anything better to do than screw everyone else's man, or are you just a McWhore?
by alfeef September 07, 2010