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The moment of indecision encountered after opening a fresh condom concerning which way it should unroll.
Bill lost his wood while solving his latest condomnundrum.
by aLeXaNdEr September 08, 2014
an exclamation of positive or neutral suprise / astonishment
John came home to find that his cat had given birth and the first word out of his mouth was "flizznipity".
by Alexander July 24, 2003
Person who is either addicted to cocaine or does it very frequently.
Jane is a powderface, look at how thin she is.
by alexander January 11, 2004
You are nigelic if and when you are faced with a problem, irregardless of difficulty, and you immediately announce that "this is so easy" to the world. On closer examination you realize that the problem wasn't so easy and your claim to being epitome of intellectualism is a sham.
Man, I showed him a quantum mechanics problem and he immediately declared that it was so easy. Needless to say he didn't know where to start, he's so nigelic.
by Alexander March 22, 2005
german word for whorehouse/brothel.
ay mann, auf geht's nach der Puff!

ay man, lets go to the whore house.
by Alexander February 17, 2005
a beaced whale. Very latina. Very poopy. Very Fat.
"Ah man did you see dat dueno? it was so fat it took up the whole room."
by Alexander March 08, 2005
Often encountered after consuming considerable amounts of alcohol after a night out on town.
"damn, I could really go for a kebab right now!"

"Kheebaaab! Me whanth khebab!"

"There is something funny about this kebab"

"Hey dude, what's that white stuff coming from your kebab?"
by Alexander May 31, 2004

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